I have worked with entrepreneurs for nearly a decade, and have had the pleasure of working in a variety of arenas from production and logistics to photography, florals, digital marketing and beyond. There is no better feeling than seeing my clients accomplish something that has been on their to-do list for years. It is amazing what is accomplished when they've finally had the time to explore and execute their passion.  I love making connections, and helping other creatives be successful in their businesses. From launching your first blog post to landing your first speaking gig, you can consider me your biz hype girl.
Are you ready to become business besties?!

Hey there, I'm Logan!

branding strategist, social media marketing guru, mama, wife, trader joes enthusiast, lover of community + supporter of my fellow business owners 

My business sprouted from the desire to help some of my friends in the industry. It started with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. From making floral arrangements and designing styled shoots to  writing blogs and creating Instagram accounts. 

Through years of working and listening to my clients' needs, I came to the realization that every small business owner is just "trying to do it all." (Hey, I've been there, and I am still there a lot of days!) We all experience the feeling of needing to do MORE in our business to keep up, and when its just one person behind the brand, its easy to get stuck grinding through those daily tasks without time to grow your business. However, it does get easier with the help and support. You are capable of accomplishing those "big and scary goals," sometimes we just need someone to cheer us on! Let me be your gal!

i believe that you are capable.

my Philosophy